Space Monitoring Data Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Space monitoring data center of MSU (SMDC) provides a unified interface for data retrieval, visualization and analysis, as well as development and testing of new models. Space monitoring data center collects data on the radiation conditions in the Earth's environment measured by Russian spacecrafts (Coronas-I, Coronas-F, Meteor-3M, Mir Orbital Station, Tatyana) during approximately the last 20 years.

The main goal of SMDC is to unite all the data of space experiments performed by Scobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics into a single online information system. The interactive services provide access to databases of energetic particle fluxes, X-ray and gamma fluxes, magnetospheric plasma and magnetic field parameters. The current space experiments performed by SINP are performed by Electron-Pesca device onboard Coronas-Photon satellite and by DUFIK device onboard Tatyana-2 satellite. The data on particle fluxes and UV/IR atmospheric luminosity measured along spacecraft orbits are published on SMDC portal in the near-real time.

The ultimate objective of SMDC is to build reliable forecast of key magnetospheric parameters and analysis of current geophysical and radiation сonditions in the near-Earth space. The real-time data are involved to provide fast and reliable analysis of radiation and geomagnetic conditions in the near-Earth space. The particle fluxes measurements allow to control the radiation conditions in the Earth's space environment: radiation belts location and intensity, as well as SEP penetration boundaries if any. Existing service calculates in real time the magnetopause stand-off distance, using data on interplanetary magnetic field solar wind dynamic pressure measured by ACE spacecraft. It provides short-term forecast of magnetopause location approximately 60 min prior solar wind approaching terrestrial magnetosphere.

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