NUCLEON Experiment


The NUCLEON scientific module consist of:

  • The NUCLEON device as the monoblock in the own pressurized container;
  • Additional remote control system with its own pressurized container;
  • Antenna-feeder system;
  • Configuration items intended for installation of the instrumentation in space.

Concept of device

A main idea of this project - to develop the method and to design a scientific instrument with large aperture being able to measure elemental spectra of cosmic rays in a wide energy range 1012-1015 eV with the high charge resolution.

At the same time the principal condition is that this instrument should have a relatively light weight (<200 kg) and size (<1.0 m2) to be of use on regular serial Russian satellites, that makes possible long duration (5 years) regular flights and it provides the rather low price of the project.

The general NUCLEON module characteristics are:

  • Weight of the module <265 kg (for scientific device <165 kg);
  • Power consumption <150 W (for scientific device <120 W);
  • The nominal telemetry rates are expected to be 270 MB per day.;
  • Exposure orbit time ≥5 years;